[SCA-Dance] Tempo and culture

rwalla at comcast.net rwalla at comcast.net
Wed Feb 13 12:00:09 EST 2008

Well, with due modesty, my knowledge of the catalog of period dance music is paltry compared to other readers of this list. 

However, from my experience in vocal music and SCA dance, what I think I know is what I sent privately to Catriona. The music chosen sets the tempo, measure, tone, and optionally the culture of a dance that goes with it. 

3/4, 4/4, or 6/4 tempo call for different types of steps to fit the measure. Is what we call Italian the only culture to have dances that aren't in 4/4?

Bouncy, stately, and romantic music call for different types of movement to fit the tempo and tone.

Ah, but what about culture - did people from country A dance to music from country B?

That's a worthy goal for the idea of this Compass Rose Pavan as well as designing and teaching dances in general - something dancers will want to do again and something teachers will want to teach.


Quoth Catriona:
> Yves is far more familiar with period dance than I and knows far more of the 
> catalogue, including music. I'm hoping this collaboration, of which I expect 
> him to take top billing because of his knowledge and skill, will end up with 
> a beautiful dance which incorporates those period aspects with a memorable 
> dance experience. 

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