[SCA-Dance] Greetings and question

Catriona catriona_a_morganosa at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 00:42:26 EST 2008

Hello folks,

I'm Catriona Moriarity and I am assisting a friend with event 
stewarding his first Masked Ball. The theme is nautical, as the event 
is sponsored by the local nautical guild, and he asked if there were 
any dances known to be done in the coastal or port cities, or on ships.

I believe any dances done in the city or on the country estates were 
probably likewise done on board, however, sailors may have done a 
different jig than the land lubbers, so I thought I'd toss this to the 
list in general. I hope someone can offer assistance on this question.

Thank you for your time. I just joined the list and hope I can find 
answers to this and many other questions I have.

Stapana Catriona Moriarity, OP

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