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Shauna Branwen shauna_branwen at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 05:54:19 EST 2008

--- John Byron Boyd wrote:

> Hole in the Wall Personal Jesus
> Posties Jig Sex on Wheels (already mentioned)
> Trenchmore Istanbul, not Constantinople

Good gentle, please play with these:

Earl of salisbury to jazz standard Fever (get the Elvis version)or to
Michael Jackson's Beat It, or to Metallica's Enter Sandman. Cutting
the music to back to back three run throughs of the dance is fun.

Gey Gordons [also an evil, inappropriate, etc... etc... fun dance] is
a perfect fit for Achy Breaky Heart.

Califian, itself an SCA re-choreagraphy of Maltese Bransle requires
some editing to fit The Chicken Dance as well as Liv'in La Vida Loca.

Ly Bens Dystonys, (the calontir version of the choreography) fits
Kiss's I Want To Rock And Roll All Night, and ABBA's Waterloo.

Postie's Jig [evil, inappropriate etc... ] fits most anything, I
particularly like a medly we put together of Charlie Daniel's Devil
Went Down To Georgia spliced to Sex on Wheels spliced to Madonna's
Vogue. This allows the pancers in the "post" positions to 'vogue'
while they are inactive posts.

Horse's Bransle we put together another spliced medly of The Theme
>From Mr. Ed/Master Effenwulf's Horses bransle off of one of his
Cds/the Star Wars Cantina Theme/Mambo Number 5, and I think we tossed
some Aerosmith in, but I dont recall how that went.

Black Almain to the title track off of the Mortal Combat Cd.(roughly
triple time, its a real workout.)

John Tallow's Cannon (the southern version with the four slow
sequential bows at the beginning) to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" from
the 8 Mile soundtrack.

Dargasson or Newcastle to Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror. I
think the best dancers got rostiboli to go to this but I'm not sure.

Road to the Isles [evil, inappropriate...] to YMCA, Hava Negila
(sp?),or again Madonna's Vogue.

Korobushka [evil, yadda...] requires a tweak of the music but can fit
My Sharona, and works to Come On Eileen.

Female Sailor [yadda...] Coppacabanna, Theme from Monty Python's
Flying Circus.

Juice of Barley to We're Not Gonna Take It (but you need damn good
dancers or it falls apart)

Black Nag, a medly again to dance it three times through in it's
entirety using Ghostbusters theme/Shania Twain's Man, I Feel Like a
Woman (start that splice partway into the song it will work
better)/Wierd Al's Grapefruit Diet.

Petit Vriens to The Black Eyed Peas Pump It.

Heralds in love to classical piece by Grieg from Peer Gynt, I think
it's called In the Hall of The Mountain King, but I'm not sure.

Trenchmore [as above but apparently more so] works to absolutely any
thing We use it as a final medley starting with the slower tunes and
splicing on faster tempos. We've used ancient country tune Battle of
New Orleans, Harper Valley PTA, Boy Named Sue,Mary J Blige's No More
Drama(which got quite a positive grove going in the by that point
rather exhausted house), They Could Be Giants's Istambul not
Constantinople, and we always wrap up the medly with Crocodile Rock.

Play with them, have fun, enjoy, and if anyone can get an SCA dance
to work to any Meatloaf tune let me know. For the life of me I


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