[SCA-Dance] Music for Chirintana

Brian Sidlauskas bsidlauskas at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 22:00:50 EDT 2008

I'd actually love to see the whole Eschewynge of Ydleness CD available 
as a download, and I would gladly pay for it.  I suspect that I'm far 
from alone on that one.

I'd also love the reworked version of Chirintana, and again, would pay 
for the download.

-- Galeran

Barbara Webb wrote:
> Actually we (Gaita) were thinking of making some dance music available for 
> download from our website, and Chirintana is one we have just 
> (re-)recorded. We'd probably have it with a 'donation' button (as we are 
> trying to make a living from this!). Knowing people are interested will 
> encourage us to put it up there sooner - let us know your other requests 
> as well and we will see what we can do...
> Caitlin

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