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Greetings and salutations onto the list,

    I am not on the list, I have answered the question
off list, but it occured to me that others might like
to see what the resolution was.

    Here is what I wrote to Daniel Lincoln:


    Greetings and salutations.  (the a la...should
rightly be Bologna as that's where the gentleman was

    For the section:

    Lord: 3 Contrapassi with a Rip on the last.  mVt
    Lady: Riv
    Lord: Riv
    Both: Riv
    Lord: 2 pive, slow Dbl

    Timing is:  3 Contrapassi are done in two
measures.  The Ripres and the mVt occur in the last
1/2 measure.  (Contrapassi are 3 doubles done at
double speed (i.e., 1 & 1/2 measures) The Riverentia
are 1 measure each.  (We're now at 5 measures of 8 &
1/2)  The pive are one measure each. (We're now at 7
measures.)  The slow double is 1 & 1/2 measures,
(i.e., 6 beats as though you were doing a double in
6/4 time.)  (Total measures is now 8 & 1/2, just as in
the original music.)  

    The slow (6 beat) double was the only thing that
made sense.  Earlier in the dance (for the chase) each
dancer's portion is 2 pive* and a slow double.  But
the sequence logically needs to use 3 & 1/2 measures. 
If "slow double" refers to doing a double at basa
dance pace, it will take 1 & 1/2 measures (6 beats)  1
& 1/2 + 2 for the earlier pive yielded the 3 & 1/2
measures.  I could think of no other logic for a SLOW
(*pive are "named" fast doubles in the MS--other
dances seem to match up to "fast double" = piva; it's
also logical in light of Italian description of piva)

  The Riverentia are only described as "several" (tho
Smith only translates the reverentia and notes the
"several" in a footnote.)  I had worked from both ends
in this section and realized that I needed 3 measures
in the middle to make it work.  When I saw that the
original direction was for several I considered
alternating riverentia and then one together similar
to petit riens.

    The music from Joy and Jealousy as well as Musica
Subterranae should work just fine.

regards, YIS
Thea of Jararvellir

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