[SCA-Dance] l'Amoroso a la Thea

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sun Apr 13 22:41:48 EDT 2008

> In the back of the handout is what appears to be a photocopy of page
> 326.  What appears to be a transcription of the German original is on
> the left, and an English translation is on the right.

If you'd like a facsimile of the original, it's at:


David Wilson has notes about this in his book _101 Italian Dances: A
critical translation_.

He reads the "A" sequence as 2 pive and 1 doppio, the "B" sequence as
the same, and then for the away-and-return: _3_ contrapassi, _1_ rev,
return with 2 pive and 1 doppio.

Now this A and B have more music than most recordings, which have a
half-measure at the end of the phrase. For away-and-return, I suppose
you might guess a contrapasso takes the time of a piva.

He doesn't discuss the Nuernberg source in his comments.

-- Gregory

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