[SCA-Dance] New group looking for teachers and resources

Ben Cogan donnghaile at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 12:09:21 EDT 2007

The SCA dance homepage has many free links for music and dance
reconstructions.  Especially useful links are Del's Dance Book (very
good instructions) and Eric's Music and Dance Page (cheap and downloadable
music).  However the entire page is filled with links for online sources and
to buy practically everything that you'd need.


On 9/7/07, Arthur Bogard <arthur.bogard at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello there.  I am Arthur of Gleann Iaruinn, a canton of the Middle
> Marches
> in the Midrealm.  Although Gleann Iaruinn has been around for a long time,
> a
> new incipient group has been started here at Shawnee State University.
> We're working extremely closely with GI, but I'm also stretching out to
> other groups for resources so that the group has some legs to stand on in
> the coming years when I depart for Atlantia.  That brings me to the point
> of
> this message:  I am looking for resources to use to teach myself and
> others
> on the campus dance.  I know of several people interested in the arts side
> of the SCA, but our resources are low in that area.  I am reaching out to
> you all to see if anyone has any good resources (books, online, video
> (preferable)) for us to teach ourselves medieval dance.  We are interested
> in a variety of styles, and I would appreciate it if you all would help
> us.
> On a side note: we're hosting a Schola on the 3rd of November in
> Portsmouth,
> Oh (our first event), and if anyone is interested in attending or
> teaching,
> we would love to hear from you.  I am the autocrat of the event, so please
> direct all questinos to me.  I appreciate your time, and I hope to hear
> back
> from some of you regarding resources or attendance.
> Arthur Bogard
> 179th AW, Ohio ANG
> Shawnee State University
> Clark Planetarium Senior Operator
> Cell: 740-464-1551
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