[SCA-Dance] pennsic 36 dance observations

nl33 at cornell.edu nl33 at cornell.edu
Tue Oct 23 22:59:02 EDT 2007

Adding onto Pennsic 36 dance stuff...

My own personal observations:
- There was a very strong beginner dance crowd, most of the classes 
were very well attended.
- It was really really hot in the dance tent, we really should 
consider buying cheap $30 wal-mart fans and plug them at 2 ends of 
the dance tent. It also makes teachers and musicians' fare better. 
One of the dance parties I was worried about the dancemaster because 
of the heat, and he was looking more and more pale and exhausted as 
time passed.
- Barn dancing went into the wee wee hours of the night
- The Pennsic ball was still crowded at 1 am
- The newbie crowd was great, but it also meant that sometimes there 
were actual class-like teaching going on at 1 am at night. After 1 
am, most dance geeks just want to dance and not have to listen to 
more then 10 mins of teaching (at most).
- The musicians were awesome. Lots of classes got to have their own 
live musicians
- It was fun!
- There were a lot of awesome people who made my dance experience 
there wonderful, but I would like to give specific thanks to Darius 
who was always at the barn late into the night, and making sure dance 
was happening, and being diplomatic about the tensions that arose, 
and also to Gwommy who provided the music for most of the late late 
night dancing.

Yay! Dancing!

   Lowrie Leulyn

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