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Tue Oct 23 12:48:29 EDT 2007

???? Yes, it has been two months since our gathering in the town of Pennsic drew to a close, but I think now is the appropriate time to submit my thanks in a public forum, as the proverbial dust has finally settled.
???? As is typical in a situation such as this, there were many people who supported me, helped promote dancing and make it possible.? I am therefore positive that I will not name everyone who helped me.

First off, to Lord Gwommi who organised (and often led) the evening dancing, who provided music when there was no other option, who helped assemble/dissassemble the floor, who brought (and bought!) ice everday for the water cooler, and who filled in wherever needed as my drop-dead deputy, my sincerest thanks.? I did not have to worry about open evening dancing at all, or wonder what would happen if I dropped into an abyss in the middle of the dance floor.

To Lord Darius and Lady Lynette, who once again tossed themselves into the fire of the Floor, oranising, painting, building, labouring.? Your dedication and efforts have simply amazed me.? I only hope that your kingdom appreciates you as much as I do.

To Maestro Flores, known by some as Octavio, and known to me as friend--- good master, your exertions with regard to the Pennsic Pile and to the musicians for the ball often go unnoticed, but not by me!? Thank you so much for your committment.

To Wilhelm and Conandil--- my two most devoted students!? Thank you so much for providing me with water, for helping to set up for various balls and parties, for being there whenever I needed the slightest task done.? A master or mistress would be extremely fortunate to call you apprentice.

To Renee of the Mists--- thank you so much for organising the beginner handouts for our daily market dances.? They were a very big help in attracting new people to our little pavilion.

To my troupe of performing dancers who braved midnight madness dressed as devotees of the muse--- it was fun, and you were all  amazing!

To the numerous teachers who volunteered their precious time to share with others, especially to those who filled in at the last moment, I express my appreciation.? Especially to those who volunteer to teach the novices, the beginners who will be the future of the dance community.

In service,

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