[SCA-Dance] Spring Dance Events in NE North America

L. J. Sparvero ljsparvero at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 11:45:28 EDT 2007

Hi all,
     Lately I've been asked by a bunch of people about dates and
locations of dance events in the Spring (it's event planning time, and
no one wants to have two dance events nearby on the same date). I'm
posting this request since: 1., My own information is probably
incomplete, and 2., If people are asking me, then there probably are
more people out there who are looking for the same info.

    So, if you're just in the planning stages and have several
potential dates or you have a firm date for your dance event, then I'd
really like to hear from you! And I'm sure that there are other folks
on the list would really want that info too.

    I'm just asking about NE North America, since that's the region
I'm most likely to travel to (think of a big circle centered on
Pittsburgh). But I imagine other folks in other regions might want
local info too.

-L.J. aka Lyev

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