[SCA-Dance] A question about setting up a ball

ROSS WEAVER ross.weaver at rogers.com
Sun Oct 14 11:25:28 EDT 2007

Katherine is right, there has to be a gap between dances for people to thank partners, find new ones, figure out if they know the next dance, etc.  The length of time is very dependent on the number of participants, the average knowledge level and the range of knowledge.  Generally the more participants the more time is needed between dances as well as the need for a good master of ceremonies to keep things going well is increased.  The more knowledgeable the dancers the less time between dances is needed, but if there is a great range of knowledge (complete beginners mixed with absolute experts for example) I find it takes longer between dances.

So for an ideal situation I think 2 minutes between dances is plenty of time, but I find at a typical SCA event you need more like 4 minutes between the dances.

~Herr Wilhelm von Pottruff

Katherine wrote: Don't forget, though, that you need to allow time between dances for the
dancers to thank their parner, find another, and get set up again.  I would
allow 2 minutes minimum for this, more if you're planning to do a "talk
through" to make sure everyone is comfortable with the dance.

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