[SCA-Dance] A question about setting up a ball

Lori lori at tigerfire.net
Fri Oct 12 18:56:09 EDT 2007

I have been asked to help set up a ball. I have no issues picking out 
dances and setting up sets, but I am not sure how many dances to put 
in a set. They want  3 sets of 25-30 minutes. I am use to doing sets 
where I teach between dances. This would not be so at the dance. The 
music would be on a prerecorded CD (we have very few musician around 
here). Any suggestions on how many dances to put on a set when there 
is no teaching between dances to make the set 25 to 30 minutes? And 
yes I know some of it depends on the length on the dances themselves, 
but a ball park figure would be nice.

Gytha Oggsdottir

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