[SCA-Dance] Classically Themed Pennsic Grand Ball

Judith judithsca at aol.com
Thu May 31 02:52:34 EDT 2007

Hail and well met!

     I have received several emails with questions about the classical fancy
dress theme at this year's Pennsic Ball..

     So here are a few basic statements to prevent confusion:


1.)     Classical dress is *NOT* mandatory!  If you have not time,
resources, etc. to create some sort of ancient greek, roman, etc. costume,
please come and dance anyway!

2.)     Classical dress could be either historical (i.e. based on a statue
from 320 B.C.) or retro-historical (i.e. how the people in the middle ages
and renaissance thought people in antiquity dressed).

3.)     For ideas about the latter, please see the following website with
medieval and renaissance-era images of classical figures.

4.)     Classical dress could be as simple as draping some length of fabric
toga-style around your normal suit of clothes--- it does NOT have to be

So, I hope to see many of you at the ball, a la antica or not! :-)



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