[SCA-Dance] pennsicdance: Invitation to a 15th century Revel at Pennsic

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Tue May 15 11:03:06 EDT 2007

Unto all to whom these letters come, greetings from Judith, sometime of Northumbria, magistra by letters patent.
       May it be known that I will host a revel on the feast of St. Amour (August 9th), and that this revel will be rather wanton in nature, indulging in drink, food, music--- and that path into the bowels of Hell itself, dance!  Festvities will commence after the setting of the sun, at the ninth hour of the clock; all are invited to come and make merry, no matter their pleasure!  For those who follow the path of Terpsichore, I have contracted a fine ensemble of pipers who will obey any request provided that it be concurrent with contemporary tastes in these time of the Medici and the ascendancy of the great house of Burgundy.
I remain your servant,
Judith, etc.
The theme of the food, dancing and music will be 15th century, but that does not preclude people who have no 15th c. clothing from attending--- ALL are welcome, whether they dance, drink or do anything 15th century or not...Vikings, Romans, Arabs, Magyars, Franks, everyone! Please, pass this invitation on to all and sundry.  It is a party, first and foremost!
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