[SCA-Dance] Future KWDS

Catherine of Eoforwic catherineofeoforwic at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 26 14:31:08 EDT 2007


Why does it have to be only galliards?  Since "groups" are bidding 
on hosting KWDS, than surely other dance styles involving more than
one dancer are fair game?!  :-)

In Service,

Catherine of Eoforwic

--- Del <del at babel.com.au> wrote:

Mary Railing wrote:
<<<Is any group in the US bidding on the next KWDS, or should we just assume
it's going to be in Ealdormere?  (I'm not complaining...I'm just curious.)>>>

<<I hope there is at least one other group bidding, so we can see if
Darius has improved his galliard any since last time.  :)>>

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