[SCA-Dance] Haut Barrois branle

L. J. Sparvero ljsparvero at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 19:01:22 EST 2007


What I've found to work for Haut Barrios (or Official, etc.) is to
start it by jumping off both feet travelling slightly to the left, and
while my feet are in the air do the transition from joined to apart.
The travel to the left is slight with each jump, just enough so that
(for example) when I go from joined to apart, my trailing foot ends up
coming down exactly where it starts. The next step (from apart/largi
to approacing/approche') is done also to the left, but this time my
lead foot comes down right where it started (and the trailing foot has
moved from apart to approaching).

Does this makes sense? Another way of thinking of it is on each beat
my feet are in the exact same place they would be for a normal branle
double (largi-aproche'-largi-joints), but my body is doing small
springs inbetween. As for the "jumping off both feet", while I'm
jumping off both of them, I'm getting a little sideways push from one
of them. I'm "alightling" in the proper position after each jump.

Hope that helps, -L.J. aka Lyev

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