[SCA-Dance] Terpsichore - April 8 - SE Michigan

Annikki Weston annikki at comcast.net
Sat Mar 4 06:08:41 EST 2006

The spring dance event season is upon us!  Geesh, how'd it sneak up so 
fast?  I can't wait any more for information to get up on the web itself 
at http://www.cynnabar.org/terpsichore/ so I'm posting the details 
directly to the list.

We still have space for more teachers!  There are one hour openings in 
the ECD, beginner, and other tracks.  Have an idea for a shorter, half 
hour class?  I could probably schedule such in any of the four tracks, 
too.  Anyone out there want to teach a beginner ECD class?  What about a 
15c class?  Please give me a holler!

-Adele Desfontaines
The Barony of Cynnabar presents:
Terpsichore at the Tower XII
April 8, 2006

First Congressional United Church of Christ
218 North Adams Street
Ypsilanti, MI  48197

Autocrat - Lady Ilona: ilonawud <at> hotmail <dot> com
European Dance - THL Adele Desfontaines: annikki <at> comcast <dot> net
Middle Eastern Dance -

9:00 Site open
10:00 Classes start
11:30 – 1:30 Lunch tavern open
5:30-7:30 Dinner tavern open  
4:30 Court
7:00 Grand Ball and Hafla

Current European Dance Classlist:
English Country Dance:
Kissy Playford - Charles the Clerk
Kemps Jegg and Mage on a Cree - Felice
Playford's Alphabet Continues - Michaela and Rannulf
Four Couple Catastrophes: Newcastle and Faine I would - Gwommy

16th Century Italian:
Diamond Duo: Lo Spagnoletto and Bizzaria d'Amore - Alina
Barriera - Katherine von Regensburg
Gentilezza d'Amore - Adele
Villanicco - Etienne
Cascarde: Gracca Amorosa and Bella Gioiosa - Kieran

Bransles - Darius
15th Century Italian - Lynette
16th Century Italian - Daria
Inns of Court - Unnr

Line and Circle Dances - Sion
Galliards - Katherine Mercer
Danse de Cleve and Joissance Vous Donneray - Jlona
Super Sekrit Dance Tips - Lyev

Get yourself to I-94 east of Ann Arbor and west of Detroit.
Take Exit 183 - US 12 Business Route/Huron St - towards Downtown Ypsilanti.
Turn northwards onto US 12 BR East/S Huron St.
Turn left onto Washtenaw after about 1 mile.
Turn right onto Adams.  Church is on the right.

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