[SCA-Dance] torches for torch branle

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Tue Jun 13 19:35:32 EDT 2006

The MOMstable wrote:
> When we've danced this (West Kingdom), we have starters hold batches of
> flowers (if it's to be a snowball type dance) or single flowers, either
> real or silk.  For the snowball variation, they give half to their
> partner when it's time to part, until everyone has one flower, or the
> dance ends.  For the other variation, they pass the flower, rather than
> light the torch or candle.  Especially good for halls that do not allow
> flame.

Amusing -- I wonder if this idea was picked up from Ballo del Fiore? 
That seems likely: Fiore is approximately the same dance as Torch 
Bransle (they're clearly related, although different in many details), 
but flower-based instead of candle-based...

				-- Justin

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