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Richard Geisler richgeis at jps.net
Thu Jun 8 11:57:26 EDT 2006

The large amateur recorder ensemble I lead (AROW) spent 9 months studying, learning, then performing a variety of medieval music culminating in several concerts in N. Calif. cities in spring, 2004.  We  played music from the Carmina Burana Manuscripts, Cantigas de Santa Maria, anon. English and Italian dances, songs of the troubadors, minnesingers & trouveres, as well as Hiilgegard von Bingam and the early polyphony of Dunstable, Machaut, Dufay, English & French kings, etc.

The program was so exceptional we recorded the program on CD which has since received many lauds and is now available from ARS.  I have made the sheet music available in my catalog, Accent on Early Music.

In developing the repertoire we experienced a wonderful freedom in making the music viable and appealing to audiences, which involved orchestrating the monodic (melody only) pieces, adding krumhorns and percussion, etc. all to the point of bringing very old, mostly unfamiliar composers and pieces to new life and vitality.

If you find this to your interest, write me direct at:
richgeis at jps.net. Let me know if you can receive Microsoft Word attachments, and I will send you the program AROW performed and info about the CD, "A Medieval Pilgrimage, a Musical Tour Through the Middle Ages".

Also see: 
www.recordermarketplace.com  and 

Richard Geisler
Grass Valley, Calif.

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