[SCA-Dance] Friday night Ball at GWW

Eileen London.Broil at verizon.net
Fri Sep 9 00:41:22 EDT 2005

Greetings All,

Earlier today a note went out on the Caid list from "Vyncent atte Wodegate,
Dance Master for the Great Western War IX Grand Ball."  First, yay!  There
is dancing scheduled for the war.  Next, what are the chances we can throw
together a dance practice (or more) ahead of GWW.  I know this is darn short
notice but we could send notes out on the Caid list to draw folks with the
express goal of getting up to speed for the ball.  Vyncent sent me his list
of dances for that evening in Word format.  If anybody would like it, I'll
forward it forthwith.  

Also, Master Giuseppe, I know you are having a Revels & Dance practice at
Collegium.  You probably already have your program put together but, well,
you know what I'm thinking.  :)

I'm figuring the possible days for practices in parks are 9/11, 9/18, and
10/2.  There is also the possibility of invading Altavia's tourney 9/11 or
Isle's anniversary on 10/1.  Wintermist's tourney on 9/10 is probably too
far out of central Caid to be helpful.

Any other ideas?

-- she who beats her head against walls to get some dance.  :)

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