[SCA-Dance] Thanks from Sophie

Lara Coutinho orange at indy.net
Fri Sep 9 00:24:53 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,

Since my beloved fiancé Alan died on August 12th, many of you have sent
prayers, energy, and good wishes to me and the rest of Alan's family.  So
many, in fact, that my poor sister, Lucia, is still reeling from the
thousands of hugs she's received for me.  For all your good wishes and
prayers, I thank each of you sincerely.

There are no words right now.  All I can really say is Thank You, and offer
a special public thanks to a few people who stepped in for me at Pennsic and
at home:  Master Anton of Winteroak, Master Midair McCormack, Lady Abigail
the Innocent, THLady Sofia Tyze, Lady Celeste de Melancholique, and of
course my dear sister Lucia.  If you see these people, please pat them on
the back for me and tell them "Good job."

In case any of you happen to be in the Washington DC area on September 18th,
Alan's sisters and I are holding a Sh'loshim - a celebration of life for 30
days after the time of death.  Please visit www.alanwormser.blogspot.com for
more details.  Any and all wishing to celebrate his life are welcome.

If you are one of the lucky SCA people to have met Alan (SCA: Sandor Vitez),
especially the dancers and fencers, please post a story to the blog.  I'm
constantly asking for people to write down stories before memories fade.

I will most likely make it to Harvest Days to see i Scandali perform, and my
life is a big question mark after that.  Please do keep in touch over
email - orange at indy.net.

With deepest gratitude,
Sophia the Orange

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