[SCA-Dance] DoA II Thank You

Wulfric wulfric at manor.wolvesbanedesigns.com
Mon Oct 3 12:21:51 EDT 2005

The Humble Frisian(tm) seems to have beaten me to the punch, but I also wish
to extend my thanks to everyone who helped make DoA II a memorable event. In
particular, I would like to thank the instructors (Master Etienne, Her
Excellency Shava, Lady Freydis, Lady Seonaid, THL Kenya, Lady Daria de
Tursten , Thegn Grimmund, Lady Katherine and Lord Ludwig von Regensburg,
Adele Desfontaines,  Lord Galeran Chanterel,  Lady Constanza) who filled the
day with knowledge and fun. To the Warwick Consort, I extend my thanks for
filling the evening with sweet music both for the ball and during feast. I
regret I do not have all of your names handy to list, perhaps someone could
post a follow-up so that you all may gain the recognition your skill

To my staff, without whom I could not have run this event, I offer my
sincere appreciation for your efforts. I would like express my greatest
appreciation to the following:

Mihrimah Mahidevran khatun - Who expertly handled many of the small details
which I am prone to miss, for planning and executing a most excellent
breakfast for our staff on Saturday so that they could have the strength to
tackle the day, and for all of her other hard work which kept the day
running smoothly.

Vrouwe Grietje Crynes - who served up yet another feast which brought forth
many compliments and more than a few happy stomachs.

Astridr Ulfrun per Isensmid - whose first tour in the event kitchen produced
a magnificent lunch which will not soon be forgotten.

Martin de Asartis - my shadow for the day, he kept me from running myself
ragged making sure I stayed well hydrated and fed (and yes that cedar staff
you carried was an excellent incentive to listen to you!).

Lady Sarah - who sprung up to tackle any task that arose from the hall to
the kitchens.

In addition, to these specific tasks, these people were also instrumental in
making short work of setup, clean up, and all of the loading, unloading, and
transport which is required for an event.

My apologies and thanks are also extended to everyone else who I have not
listed but took turns at troll, helped in the kitchens, prepared tokens, and
assisted in many other ways throughout the day. Your efforts were truly

I would also like to thank the children, who showed that dance can be
enjoyed by all ages. Several also proved their usefulness in assisting with
event duties including but not limited to the kitchens, setup, and serving
as runners.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the dancers who attended without whom
the event would have been a lonely place. Your desire, excitement, and joy
for dance filled the day with energy and revelry.

For you all...... VIVAT

In Service

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