openslide_read_region filling buffer with 0's for Mirax

jcupitt at jcupitt at
Sun Apr 12 13:30:21 EDT 2020

I help maintain an image processing package which includes openslide
support. I just tried CMU-3.mrxs in the windows binary and it works
for me.

Try this:

Unzip and run the .exe to install. To load an MRXS file, click File /
Open, navigate to the right directory, select "all files", and
double-click on CMU-3.mrxs. It should load as a thumbnail in the
workspace. Double-click the thumbnail to open an image view window.
You should be able to scroll about and view the file.

That's using the standard openslide sources, though I built them myself.

You can sometimes get problems with special characters or spaces in
the folder names, could that be it?


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