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Mon Mar 25 10:23:15 EDT 2019

Hi Martin,

Benjamin and I are are both quite busy with other things. I cannot speak
for Benjamin, but in my case I am not able to take money to work on side
projects like this. It is likely that Benjamin has a similar situation.

Given this information, how should you move forward? The typical advice I
give to organizations interested in OpenSlide is this:

1. Please identify someone in your organization to work on OpenSlide. This
can be someone in your development group or research group, or possibly
even a grad student in some circumstances.
2. Explicitly allocate some amount of time for this person to work on
OpenSlide (perhaps 15-20%, possibly more while getting started).
3. Introduce this person to the list and me.
4. I will provide some of my time to answer questions and give some help
getting started.
5. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to grant permissions to
this person to let them approve pull requests and do other things. This
would be a good outcome, though I would have to discuss with Benjamin and
the CMU folks exactly what criteria we would use for granting this.

Note that, completely independently, you can fork the project and make
whatever changes you like. I encourage this! But please try to publish your
changes as we have done, and do so under the same license so that we could
eventually merge changes back someday. Forking may still be the correct
thing to do even if we do steps #1-4 above, since I can't currently say
what the criteria for #5 would be.



On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 2:07 AM Martin Weihrauch <
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> Dear Benjamin:
> I wanted to inquire, what the status of OpenSlide is. The last commit is
> almost 1 year old and there are some important pull requests (problem with
> bif, Motic and introduction of VMIC) waiting to be introduced.
> I guess that you may have not the time to maintain it currently, which
> would be sad and a problem for so many of us, who rely on it.
> Maybe some of the community here (me included) could throw in some money
> and we could pay you or someone else e. g. a quarter or a half of his/her
> salary to further maintain and expand this important library, which you
> created.
> Looking forward to hearing from you.
> Martin
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