Help with viewing slides on the web

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I'd also be interested in test vmic data, or failing that someone willing to beta test my (windows based) web based server with vmic. I've compiled up a version of openslide with the code provided by Markus (who claimed it worked fine), but obviously have nothing to test it with.



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Hi Jen,

It seems some work on this was done already in the past:

Unfortunately, the sample files mentioned in the thread don't seem to exist anymore and were never added to the repo at (possibly the licensing was never resolved?).

Could you help us help you by providing some new sample files?

Thanks in advance,

Yves Sucaet

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> Hello,
> I’m so sorry to trouble but I’m very new at this and was wondering if 
> anyone could help me. I have a small bank of slides scanned using 
> Precipoint software. The scans are saved in .vmic format. I want to 
> share the slides with other members of my department using a web-based 
> slide viewer. We are currently sharing our case log using a WordPress platform.
> Does anyone know of any way in which I can make a web-based viewer 
> directly from a .vmic file? I tried converting it to TIFF format using 
> ConvertPoint, but the resulting image file is so large that most 
> software can’t open
> I would be really grateful for any help!
> Thank you,
> Jen

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