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Fri Nov 17 07:34:53 EST 2017

Hello Miha,

On 17 November 2017 at 10:50, Miha Munda via openslide-users
<openslide-users at> wrote:
> We tryed some stuff, but nothing is working, so we tryed also your VIPS/SVS
> program from OpenSlide site. Sorry, but it is not working (64 BIT WIN).
> Nothing happens when we run any .exe file (Vips.exe).

I'm the maintainer of libvips, it should work. What command did you
run and what error message did you get?

It's a command-line program, so you need to add the libvips bin area
to your path and enter commands like:

    vips.exe dzsave my-slide.svs my-pyramid

in a terminal window to generate a deepzoom pyramid from your slide data.

If you want a graphical interface, nip2 (the libvips GUI) can open SVS
slides, thanks to Benjamin's openslide library. You can download a
Windows binary here:

There are other GUIs available, though I don't have a list handy.


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