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Can I suggest that an easy alternative is to run a (windows/linux) server that serves something compatible with openseadragon and simply use a WebView element ( in your Android app. This is probably a more practical solution anyway as most android devices have limited storage.

The openslide deep zoom approach (as documented on the openslide page) is one solution. If you want a solution that serves slides in their original format try MIM (send me a mail to get access. It's completely free.) MIM even automatically generates the HTML/javascript, so you just need to point your WebView at it (no other web server required).



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On Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 02:08:25PM +0330, Ramin Nateghi via openslide-users wrote:
> I am trying to use openslide in my android studio project.  I added 
> the openslide.jar file in my project but I have error.  How I can use 
> openslide library in android?

Currently this is not practical, for two reasons:

- OpenSlide Java requires OpenSlide.  OpenSlide requires, directly or indirectly, 14 other native libraries.  All of these libraries, as well as OpenSlide Java's JNI glue, would need to be compiled for Android using the Android NDK.

- OpenSlide Java uses AWT and Swing classes that are not available on Android.  To run on Android, OpenSlide Java would need to be ported to the Android graphics library.

--Benjamin Gilbert
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