"hello World Example" for C++

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at cs.cmu.edu
Sat May 28 04:53:10 EDT 2016

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 08:44:36PM +0000, Peter via openslide-users wrote:
> error LNK2019: Reference to unresolved external symbol … in function main.
> I think I have to include some dll, but I dont have a clue which and how. 

Hi Peter,

You need to link against the OpenSlide import library, which is distributed
in openslide-win64-20150527\lib\libopenslide.lib.  To do this, add it to
your project's library list in Project > [project] Properties > Linker >
Input > Additional Dependencies.

Also, at runtime, the OpenSlide DLL and all of its dependencies (in
openslide-win64-20150527\bin) must be in the DLL search path.

> I am using Visual Studio 2015 and the latest openSlide (
> openslide-win64-20150527 ).  Or shoud I use the openslide-3.4.1 download?

The openslide-3.4.1 download is only the OpenSlide source code.  The
openslide-win64-* bundle includes the OpenSlide binary plus all of its
dependencies, and is much easier to use.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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