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Sorry, you're right. I'm accessing a web server that provides an interface to OpenSlide, and I was getting the scope of OpenSlide and the web server confused. I see that providing an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header would be the responsibility of the web server. I'm retrieving OpenSlide images from that remote server and then trying to work with the canvas, but the canvas has been "tainted" by retrieving the images cross-origin. I can set the cross-origin policy to anonymous on my end, but I'll have to see whether the web server can provide the appropriate headers.


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I'd say your webserver is in charge of that. What are you trying to do?
El 29/3/16 a las 20:42, Lopresti, Edmund via openslide-users escribió:
Is it possible to set OpenSlide to return an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to support requesting OpenSlide images from a server at an external domain without running into CORS security issues?
Ed LoPresti


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