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Tue Jan 12 05:46:19 EST 2016

Thoughts on OME-TIFF as an OpenSlide Format

Actually our company saves the WSI images as an zipped deepzoom pyramid
simular to Martin Weihrauchs Smart Zoom Image approach. Unfortunately this
format lacks third party support and likely ever will and suffers from the
detriments of a non-image format (Like viewing it in any other tiff
supported software when it is not too large).

We took some research in the past weeks and considering to switch to a
tiff-based WSI format but we are not strigency interested to do our's own
thing to be just another one who sheers off from a standardized WSI format.

So we kept an wary eye on the OME-TIFF format.

What do you think? Is OME-TIFF a canditate for beeing an openslide format
How do you think will OME develop in the future?
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