[WinError 127] ("The specified procedure could not be found.")

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at cs.cmu.edu
Tue Apr 12 23:23:48 EDT 2016

On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 08:31:43PM +0200, kwiechen via openslide-users wrote:
> running openslide-show-properties works when calling in the bin directory
> but not when I move the binary to another location.
> I am using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Hi Kai,

It's expected that the .exe won't work when separated from its DLLs.  It's
interesting that it works at all, though: there's a missing symbol somewhere
in the dependency chain, but evidently one that's only accessed when
OpenSlide is loaded into Python?  I can't track this down right now, but
I'll try to take a look when I get a chance.  Meanwhile, if you get anywhere
with it, let us know.  Checking for Dependency Walker errors on
libopenslide-0.dll might be a good place to start.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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