Please provide sample files for Sakura and General Tiled Tiff

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Thu Sep 10 16:36:58 EDT 2015

On 09/10/2015 02:47 AM, Vidya Manoharan wrote:
> I am currently working on open slide and would like to try out some
> files of Sakura and General tiled tiff format, but I could not get any
> sample files from the website <>.

There's a generic tiled TIFF sample available here:

You can also produce samples yourself with any of several tools, 
including VIPS and ImageMagick.

We do not have any Sakura samples that we can distribute.  Samples are 
contributed by the OpenSlide community, and no one has given us Sakura 
slides yet.  However, Sakura distributes a few sample files on its website:

--Benjamin Gilbert

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