add DICOM (aka supp 145) support #142

Alvaro Gonzalez agonzalez at
Mon Mar 23 10:45:53 EDT 2015

Good! I'll test it against our products...

Btw, it uses multiframe, isn't it?

El 23/03/15 a las 15:28, Mathieu Malaterre escribió:
> Folks,
> I prepared a quick and dirty patch to support DICOM (aka Supp 145) in
> OpenSlide. Some datasets have recently been released by DICOM WG26 and
> I could test my code against those:
> Long story short, this is not clear where this standard is going, but
> I assumed that when exporting as DICOM VL Whole Slide Microscopy Image
> Storage instance(s) a DICOMDIR would be generated. So the
> implementation will require a DICOMDIR instance to process the slides.
> While DICOM Supp 145 do support multiple slides per Study, support for
> those has not been added since OpenSlide does not provide an API for
> dealing with those -yet-. This means I can safely use the Study
> (alone) to have a unique quickash.
> Enjoy,

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