Question of installed openslide windows

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Mon Aug 24 00:36:11 EDT 2015

On 08/21/2015 09:02 AM, Qian, Songyue wrote:
> I installed openslide windows and openslide python on my windows
> machine. I follow the rule of
> and put the bin
> file in system directory, windows directory, the directory where the
> executable module for the current process is located and set up the path
> environment variable. However, after I try all of them, it still shows
> up something like the graph put below to run any example in openslide
> python or import the openslide package.

I was imprecise.  You have to put the contents of the bin directory into 
one of the predefined search directories, not the directory itself. 
Adding the bin directory to PATH should work, though.  You can check 
whether PATH was properly set by running "import os; os.environ['PATH']" 
at the Python prompt.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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