How to get tile-width and tile-height

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Wed Aug 12 01:14:32 EDT 2015

On 08/11/2015 06:47 AM, Kepa Zubillaga Iglesias wrote:
> I am working on an Opennslide project on windows, currently with Ventana
> and Philips format images. I wonder if it is possible to get the
> tile-width and tile-height of the slides.

For Ventana TIFF and Philips TIFF, see the undocumented properties 
openslide.level[n].tile-width and openslide.level[n].tile-height. These 
properties do not exist for Ventana BIF because that format doesn't 
place tiles on a regular grid, so the tile size isn't very useful 
without a lot of detailed information about the layout of the slide.

Those properties exist because some applications may want to use them 
for performance optimization, but are undocumented because I'm not 
entirely convinced they're a good idea.  How do you plan to use the tile 
size information?

--Benjamin Gilbert

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