open slide installation 3.4.0 home brew Mac os x 10.10

Travis May travis.may.11 at
Sat Nov 8 12:11:35 EST 2014

 Hello, I've had a very difficult time trying to install openslide on
Yosemite. Home brew works fine but only points to the 3.3 version which
won't work with the open slide python which tells me I need version 3.4.0.

I've tried to write a new home brew recipe and download from source and
compile myself using the given autoconfig instructions but I keep hitting a
wall when it comes to setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH . Cairo seems to need a
lot of packages that aren't where the autoconfig expects them to be. I've
been setting them one by one but still no luck. There must be an easier way

If I didn't feel so strongly about open source tools like openslide I would
have given up a while ago. Can anyone direct me to a alternative recipe or
or documentation on setting the proper flags?

This could be a Yosemite specific answer, but I also couldn't find any 3.4
builds in general.


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