OpenSlide Java "Cant find dependent libraries"

Blattner, Timothy J. timothy.blattner at
Fri May 30 11:49:21 EDT 2014

Some of the dlls in the dependency walker output seem to be win7 oriented (minus liblzma-5.dll ... I think)

I found this post on stackoverflow related to most of the missing dlls:

One solution proposed in the post is to get the Windows SDK and .NET Framework 4:

I hope this helps.

When running the script does the script execute some test cases to ensure all required libraries are found?


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Thanks for quick response. 
The search path was indeed the "bin" subdirectory sorry about the misinformation. Nothing occurred when I double-clicked the openslide.jar so I opened openslide-jni.dll in the Dependency Walker and got 9 errors stating that the system could not find the file specified.
I have attached the Dependency Walker Image file if you want to take a look.

Timothy Kim

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On 05/29/2014 04:24 PM, Kim, Timothy H. wrote:
> $ ./ setup /cygdrive/c/Users/thk/Desktop/setup-x86_64.exe
> $ ./ -m64 bdist
> This created a .zip file, which contains the native libraries. I wrote 
> a simple Java program that created an OpenSlide object referencing an 
> image. However, when the object is initialized, it tries to access the 
> native library "openslide-jni.dll" and gives the error message "Can't 
> find dependent libraries."  The .dll is searching in the same location 
> as where we unzipped the file created from the script.

The search path should be the "bin" subdirectory, not the top-level directory.

> Are there any additional libraries that I need to reference other than 
> the ones that were built from the script?

Everything should have been built by  If you double-click openslide.jar in the unzipped bin directory, that will launch a demo slide viewer app.  If you can open a slide file with the demo viewer, the problem is likely your search path.

If the demo viewer doesn't work, you can try opening openslide-jni.dll in Dependency Walker to find the missing dependency.  Please let us know what you discover.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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