Fatal JRE error

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at cs.cmu.edu
Tue May 27 22:42:31 EDT 2014

On 05/27/2014 06:05 AM, Tim wrote:
>   i | libopenjpeg2_0

The OpenJPEG packages in openSUSE could not cause the problem you're 
seeing: the 1.5.1 package uses a soname of libopenjpeg.so.1, the 2.0 
package (which is only in openSUSE Factory) uses a soname of 
libopenjp2.so.6, both sonames are identical to those shipped by 
upstream, and both -devel packages ship pkg-config files with distinct 

BUT, you have the OpenJPEG 2.0 package from Packman, which is an ancient 
snapshot from November 2010 -- two full years before OpenJPEG 2.0 was 
released.  It uses an soname of libopenjpeg.so.2.0 and does not ship a 
pkg-config file.  The result: configure finds the pkg-config file for 
1.x, concludes that it should link with -lopenjpeg, and then follows the 
.so symlink (/usr/lib64/libopenjpeg.so) that openjpeg2-devel has 
redirected to the prerelease OpenJPEG 2.0 library.

>   Since you said that openjpeg2 is not supported yet, I uninstalled
>   openjpeg2-devel

This removed the .so symlink, so linking failed outright.

The fix is to run "zypper in -f openjpeg-devel", which will restore the 
.so symlink.  You will probably want to avoid the Packman openjpeg2 
packages, since they are old and broken.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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