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Mark Ungrin mdungrin at
Mon Jan 13 15:43:44 EST 2014

Hi and thanks very much. I have been working on the setup -
unfortunately I'm new to WSGI as well so that's added some speed bumps
as well.

I have apache2 working with WSGI now, with the following outcomes:

(my files are in /var/www/slidetest/)

when I go to the web site and specify /slidetest/ I can see the
directory listing

when I go to /slidetest/myapp.wsgi, it does what it is supposed to
("Hello world"), so WSGI is apparently set up OK
when I go to /myapp, which is aliased to /slidetest/myapp.wsgi, it also
works, so I assume this means aliases are not the problem
when I go to /slidetest/deepzoom.wsgi, (directly or via an alias) I get
"Internal Server Error..." and the generic "contact the server
administrator" message

the code is this file is:
> import os, sys
> from deepzoom_server import app as application
> application.config.update({
>     'DEEPZOOM_SLIDE': '/var/www/slidetest/openslide_testdata/CMU-1.svs',
> })
...and now I'm kind of stuck. Any suggestions on what to try next?



On 1/11/2014 2:00 AM, Benjamin Gilbert wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> On 01/10/2014 02:00 PM, Mark Ungrin wrote:
>> I successfully installed via apt-get install openslide-tools, and am
>> now looking at the wiki instructions to get the server working.
> The wiki instructions are for running deepzoom_server with Apache, but 
> that's not really required.  For testing purposes or small sites, you 
> can run it directly from the command line.
>> Did the openslide-tools install also bring the Python stuff along with
>> it or do I need to do that separately?
> Nope, you need to do it separately.  Grab the OpenSlide Python tarball 
> from the download page, unpack, cd into the unpacked directory, and 
> "sudo python install".  You will also need the python-imaging 
> and python-flask Ubuntu packages.
>> Also, if it did already install,
>> can anyone tell me where in the file tree I would find
> is in the examples/deepzoom directory of the source 
> tarball, and isn't actually installed anywhere.
>> Also, if I understand correctly, I will need to make
>> one copy of deepzoom.wsgi (with a different name) for each slide I want
>> to make accessible, is this correct?
> Correct. is intended as an example of how to build a 
> server application, not as a real server itself.
> SlideDeck is another demo application which can handle an entire 
> directory tree of slides:
> You can run it from the command line, or adapt the wiki instructions to 
> run it with Apache.  In the Apache case, instead of DEEPZOOM_SLIDE, you 
> would set SLIDE_DIR to the directory containing your slides.
> You will need to use an older version of SlideDeck:
> since the current one requires features not in the released version of 
> OpenSlide.
> --Benjamin Gilbert
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