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Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Sat Jan 11 04:00:29 EST 2014

Hi Mark,

On 01/10/2014 02:00 PM, Mark Ungrin wrote:
> I successfully installed via apt-get install openslide-tools, and am
> now looking at the wiki instructions to get the server working.

The wiki instructions are for running deepzoom_server with Apache, but 
that's not really required.  For testing purposes or small sites, you 
can run it directly from the command line.

> Did the openslide-tools install also bring the Python stuff along with
> it or do I need to do that separately?

Nope, you need to do it separately.  Grab the OpenSlide Python tarball 
from the download page, unpack, cd into the unpacked directory, and 
"sudo python install".  You will also need the python-imaging 
and python-flask Ubuntu packages.

> Also, if it did already install,
> can anyone tell me where in the file tree I would find
> is in the examples/deepzoom directory of the source 
tarball, and isn't actually installed anywhere.

> Also, if I understand correctly, I will need to make
> one copy of deepzoom.wsgi (with a different name) for each slide I want
> to make accessible, is this correct?

Correct. is intended as an example of how to build a 
server application, not as a real server itself.

SlideDeck is another demo application which can handle an entire 
directory tree of slides:

You can run it from the command line, or adapt the wiki instructions to 
run it with Apache.  In the Apache case, instead of DEEPZOOM_SLIDE, you 
would set SLIDE_DIR to the directory containing your slides.

You will need to use an older version of SlideDeck:

since the current one requires features not in the released version of 

--Benjamin Gilbert

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