openslide jp2000 slides

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Sun Dec 21 02:52:55 EST 2014

On 12/21/2014 02:17 AM, talha qaiser wrote:
> I am trying to open some JP2000 (jp2) and tiff/tif images using
> openslide C/C++ (with Visual Studio, OS: Windows), using this function
> openslide_open(filename) , and for some of tiff images this function is
> working but for rest of the jp2 and tiff images this function is not
> working

Hi Talha,

OpenSlide only supports certain TIFF files, and currently doesn't 
support .jp2 files at all.  Here are the supported formats:

For the TIFF files that won't open, can you tell us anything about how 
they were produced?  Were they created by a particular model of slide 

--Benjamin Gilbert

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