Problem building with substitute sources

John Stevenson-Hoare John.Stevenson-Hoare at
Wed Apr 23 05:36:09 EDT 2014

I finally have a successful build - thank you.

However, I had to make a couple of minor tweaks to complete the process. These were to modify the permissions on the 'openslide' folder so that it resulted as:

drwxr-xr-x+ 1 JSHoare unix products 0 Apr 23 09:39 openslide

and on the 'openslide/src' folder so that it resulted as:

drw-------+ 1 JSHoare unix products      0 Apr 23 09:33 src

I found that I could avoid manually changing the line endings to *nix by cloning the repo using the following command to respect the committed line endings:

git clone --config core.autocrlf=false

I guess that I should have done that for the openslide-winbuild repo too but as it takes such a long time to build all of the sources I am reluctant to do that at this stage. Simply using 'dosunix' on '' as mentioned earlier in the email trail seemed to cure my very first problem.

Thanks once again for all of your help.

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On 04/22/2014 03:37 AM, John Stevenson-Hoare wrote:
> Please find my config.status attached as requested.

Your has Windows line endings (CRLF) rather than Unix (LF).
  Do you have Git's "core.autocrlf" option enabled, by any chance?  You can use dos2unix to fix (and probably also and
m4/*) in override/openslide, then rerun autoreconf.

--Benjamin Gilbert


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