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Thu Apr 17 04:22:39 EDT 2014

Thanks for the info regarding the clean. Unfortunately using the *nix copy command makes no difference to the result.

Here are the steps that I took once again just in case I did something incorrectly:

- Using my Windows Git Shell I ran 'git clone' whilst at directory X (not in the same tree as the Windows build scripts).
- Using Cygwin64 Terminal (as Administrator) I ran 'mkdir override'
- 'cd override'
- 'cp -a X .'
- 'cd openslide'
- 'autoreconf -i'
- 'cd ../..'
- './ -m64 clean openslide'
- and finally './ -m64 bdist'

I have attached the 'config.log' file in case someone can make sense of it.

Thanks again for any light you can shed on this problem.

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John Stevenson-Hoare wrote:
> configure: creating ./config.status
> .in'ig.status: error: cannot find input file: `

This error doesn't make sense to me.  I wonder whether there are additional issues with the Windows directory copy, other than the permissions problem.  Could you try deleting the override/openslide directory and recopying it using Cygwin "cp -a"?

> in order to trigger the override to occur deleted the
> ?libopenslide-0.dll? from the ?root/bin? folder and the
> ?libopenslide.a and .la? files from the ?root/lib? folder.

FYI, you can also delete a single build with e.g. "./ -m64 clean openslide".

--Benjamin Gilbert

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