Problem building with substitute sources

John Stevenson-Hoare John.Stevenson-Hoare at
Wed Apr 16 06:46:11 EDT 2014

I am trying to build with substitute sources using Cygwin on my Windows 7 64 bit PC.

I first performed a 'git clone' of the openslide 'C' library. Next I ran the 'autoreconf -i' command in that folder from my Cygwin64 Terminal.

I then created an 'override/openslide' folder (using Windows) in my 'openslide-winbuild' folder and copied (using Windows) the entire contents (except the .git folder and .gitignore file) of my 'openslide' folder to that location.

Changed directory to 'openslide-winbuild' and ran './ -m64 bdist' from the terminal.

The following is reported:

Unpacking openslide from override directory...
Building openslide...
./ line 271: ./configure: Permission denied
Failed: ./configure --host=${build_host} --build=${build_system} --prefix="$root" --disable-static --disable-dependency-tracking PKG_CONFIG=pkg-config PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR="${root}/lib/pkgconfig" PKG_CONFIG_PATH= CC="${build_host}-gcc -static-libgcc" CPPFLAGS="${cppflags} -I${root}/include" CFLAGS="${cflags}" CXXFLAGS="${cxxflags}" LDFLAGS="${ldflags} -L${root}/lib" "$@" (line 271)

I had previously built the entire sources without the override folder and in order to trigger the override to occur deleted the 'libopenslide-0.dll' from the 'root/bin' folder and the 'libopenslide.a and .la' files from the 'root/lib' folder.

Using 'ls -al' reports that the '64/build/openslide-3.4.0' folder has the following permissions:

d---------+ 1 JSHoare unix products 0 Apr 16 11:32 openslide-3.4.0

Any ideas where I might have gone wrong? Thanks.
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