Zeiss ZVI file format support development for OpenSlide

Alexandre Kharlamov kharlamovalexandre at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 03:29:41 EDT 2012

Sure, I can try libgsf if you add it (or show me how to add it)
to dependencies. I'm not very fluent with autoconf scripts yet.

Btw, can you please explain in detail, what functions I need to
add (and what files) so that bitmap files can be converted to ARGB?
I'm looking to use libnsbmp linked statically for loading bmp.
It's basically two files libnsbmp.c and libnsbmp.h
That library is only for reading bitmap files, and, unlike many others,
it supports Run-Length-Encoded bitmaps. I've read your wiki, but it's
so vague. Why not just put a simpliest dummy example, one that's
just enough not to cause segfaults? I mean, I now how to guess
which functions/variables are optional and which ones are not...

Also, my employer insists that every single image that exists in the file
should be accessible one way or another.
l propose this approach that does not require changes in API:
Every single image in the file gets a level id, unless it's a part of
(As had been discussed already),
Zeiss format can store multi-dimentional data, such as imagesets taken
at different times, different fluorescence stains, different focal planes.
And this data is not overlapping one another (as is the case with levels
of magnification), so I think it's reasonable to treat them separately.
In order to know what image is what, every level id will have to have a
corresponding metadata string, of course.

Best regards,

-Alexandre Kharlamov

On 07/18/12 11:19, Benjamin Gilbert wrote:
> On 07/12/2012 09:26 AM, Alexandre Kharlamov wrote:
>> Benjamin: as far as libgsf, i decided not to use it. The file format
>> is simple enough to be read by hand, and what I can get from it in
>> under 300 lines of bare C code, hopefully, proves that.
> We should try to avoid reimplementing things solely for the sake of 
> reimplementing them.  Is there a technical reason libgsf would be 
> inadequate for reading ZVI files?
> --Benjamin Gilbert
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