Suggestion for openslide development toolchain

John Minnie jminnie at
Sat Jul 14 16:48:32 EDT 2012

Hi List,

I am new to openslide development and I am currently looking in to bug #92 on the openslide issue tracker. I was hoping to hear from this list to see if you have any "Tips and Tricks" that you would like to share to help in the debugging and testing of the openslide C library. My development platform is Linux (CentOS 6.3).

I have installed all of the required dependencies of openslide and got the library compiled successfully using gcc. I also installed openslide-python and I successfully used the deepzoom viewer to view some slides. I am comfortable on Linux and I know where to find whatever I need, however, it has been a while since I last did any serious programming on Linux.  I would appreciate any suggestions for tools and apps to help in my openslide development efforts.

Regards and thanks,

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