A little QT app using openslide lib just for testing

Alexandre Kharlamov kharlamovalexandre at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 13:30:15 EDT 2012


Today I wrote another app, but this time anyone can actually
run it without compiling. It's a Windows GUI app that uses
openslide library. It lets you choose a file supported by
openslide, and then it grabs the top level image from that
file, trims it to a maximum of 3000x3000 pixels and displays
resulting image as-is without scaling (there are scroll bars to

My next step is to implement zooming, and once that's done
that application can be used to quickly test further additions to
openslide library.

The zip archive is about 7 MB big, so I put it to my webserver:


No installation is needed, just unpack anywhere and run the
.exe file.

I've tested it in 64-bit Windows 7, but if you find any bugs,
please report them to me directly or using this mailing list.
Source code will be made available in accordance with GPL.

Best regards,

-Alexandre Kharlamov

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