Zeiss ZVI file format support development for OpenSlide

Alexandre Kharlamov kharlamovalexandre at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 09:26:01 EDT 2012


For last two days I've been actively developing the code for reading
ZVI file format. I chose the bottom-up approach and created a little
proof-of-concept application. All it does is outputs to the screen the
internal directory structure of the ZVI file provided and outputs a file
thumbnail.bmp. Currently the input file has to be named t5.zvi

Attached is the source file zvi.c as well as captured textual output
in result.txt, plus the image thumbnail.bmp. Results were acquired
using Mailly Philippe's file
of total size 165 megabytes. It has lots of images which is reflected
in the amount of the internal directory entries.

Benjamin: as far as libgsf, i decided not to use it. The file format is
enough to be read by hand, and what I can get from it in under 300 lines
of bare C code, hopefully, proves that.

Best regards,

-Alexandre Kharlamov

On 07/09/12 23:20, Benjamin Gilbert wrote:
> On 07/08/2012 01:40 PM, Alexandre Kharlamov wrote:
>> Basically, it's a OLE2 compound document storage format, same as
>> the one used for Office 97 documents.
> You will probably want to take a look at libgsf.
>> My question is, do I need to
>> be able to output those channels separately, or should I only care about
>> the resulting full-color image? Is there ever more than 3 stains used?
> I suggest you initially handle these slides as RGB images using the 
> existing OpenSlide API.  This will allow you to implement and test your 
> new driver using existing tools, and only then confront the N-channel 
> API issues.
> --Benjamin Gilbert
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