Mirax slides png tiles

Konstantin Kozlov kozlov at spbcas.ru
Fri Nov 11 04:18:01 EST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I am trying to split a MIRAX slide (with mrxs extension) into tiles
using openslide-write-png.

openslide-showproerties works OK.

If I try to produce png for the whole layer ie

openslide-write-png 0 0 <layer> <max dim 1> <max dim 2> file.png

I get a correct output. But if I try to get the region

openslide-write-png 256 256 <layer> 100 100 file.png

I get a 100 by 100 pixels file but its origin is not at the point
(256,256). For one file and one of the layers I've determined
experimentally that I have to multiply the coordinates of the desired
origin on 204.8, of course approximately.

So do I need to find some correct factor for each layer and each file
or it is a bug?

I can run the debug session if needed. the version of openslide I tried
is that from Fedora 15, Scientific Linux 6.1 and git om Scientific
Linux. All 32 bit.

Best regards,


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