./configure: line 2039: syntax error near unexpected token `foreign'

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 05:10:38 EST 2011

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 10:34 PM, Benjamin Gilbert <bgilbert at cs.cmu.edu> wrote:
> On 11/07/2011 11:34 AM, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
>>    I am trying to compile openslide directly from github. According to
>> README one need run ./configure. Since this file is not shipped, I ran
>> autoconf first. But now I am getting the following error:
>> ./configure: line 2039: syntax error near unexpected token `foreign'
>> ./configure: line 2039: `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(foreign subdir-objects
>> 1.11.1 dist-xz)'
> Hello Mathieu,
> It sounds as though you may have run the "autoconf" command rather than
> "autoreconf -i", which is the standard way of setting up Autotools in a
> checked-out source tree.  You should be able to fix this by first
> ensuring you have automake and libtool installed on your system, then
> running "autoreconf -fi" inside the source tree.

Indeed that fixed my issue.


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